September 10, 2011 Ali’s wedding

Eileen and Jim arrive on Thursday from Prescott to stay over before making their way up to Healdsburg for Ali’s wedding. Due to the impending nuptial and partying this weekend, we are somewhat more circumspect in our eating and drinking. Operative word, somewhat. After Eileen and Jim depart on Friday we head to Sonoma Wine Country, have a little vegetarian lunch and do some tasting at Chateau St. Jean. Phillipe is on hand to host the proceedings and we have many tastes of many good things.

Later, after checking in to the Holiday Inn Express in Windsor (2 stars at most), we leave for a party at a house that Eileen and Jim have rented. All Jim’s siblings are there, also Eileen’s mom, the groom’s mom, friends of Ali and Sara and the bride and groom-to-be. We have a great time and find all the relatives and friends easy to talk to.

On Saturday we go to the wedding. It is being held on a farm outside of Healdsburg. This is the first wedding to be held there. The grounds and we are all spiffed up.

The barn. There is much exuberant dancing here later.

John and I spiffed up

Eileen, Jim and Sara accompany Ali to their “altar” which is a ring of sunflowers. Ali’s to-be, Van, walks across a field to meet her. They have a lovely, personal ceremony.
Jim, Sara, Eileen and Ali

Ali and Van exchanging vows

The wedding kiss

After the ceremony there is a fabulous dinner made with local produce and pork. Jim sings a couple of songs which are greatly appreciated. Then dancing and more dancing. What a great day!
One of the guests of honor

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