September 18, 2011 Family birthdays

Today we celebrate the birthdays of John and Ryan. Since many of our family events usually include John slaving over a hot grill, me cleaning house and doing dishes and both of us winding up exhausted, I decide that a good way to celebrate will be to go out to Main Street Brewery for lunch. I bring along a birthday cake. I rarely make desserts so my efforts are not too exciting – banana cake with cream cheese icing.

Happy Birthday cake

Nathan and Sam bring along Clark and Lewis and they all enjoy the really good Main Street Brewery French fries.
Ryan with sleepy Sam (and Lewis)

Nathan offering Clark a sip of his drink

Ryan and John open their cards. Nathan and Zayde have a great time discussing trucks and when it will be time for cake.
Nathan watches as Zayde opens his card. He has written both his name and Zayde's name in it.

Sarah and Jonathan at the restaurant

We have a really nice time. Unfortunately Sam is very tired and Ryan opts to take the kids home right after lunch. I feel bad about this as I have promised Nathan that we will play his version of tennis after lunch. I hope that he is not feeling disappointed. Next time for sure. Jon stays at the house until he needs to leave for a gig in San Francisco. Sarah stays for quite a long time. We find her American girls, their furniture and clothes and she takes them with her. We hope to also find Lincoln Logs which we have saved for when Nathan and Sam are old enough to build with them but they seem to have vanished into thin air.

Happy Birthday, John and Ryan!

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