September 23, 2011 The Adventures of Clark and Lewis: The Crisis (Clark and Lewis Argue!)

[For those who are unfamiliar with the Adventures of Clark and Lewis, Clark is a frog and Lewis is a duck. These stories were written for Nathan and Sam, Mary and John’s grandchildren. They accompanied Beeba (Mary) and Zayde (John) across the United States this past summer. They are upset that that Beeba and Zayde have decided on a new traveling companion.)]

Well! Well, I thought it was all settled. Clark and Lewis were staying home while we took Giovanni, the pink elephant, with us to Italy. But, oh no, apparently it was far from settled. After a long day in the car traveling to St.George, we are worn out with their arguments.

“Oh, so you are okay with Giovanni just taking over?” said Lewis indignantly.

“Shh-shh, Zayde’s driving. You don’t want to upset him!” said Clark urgently.

“Oh, duck feathers,” said Lewis. “He’s going to have to understand that we are unhappy. UNHAPPY! Do you get it, Clark?!” screamed Lewis.

Well, obviously Lewis was very upset over Beeba and Zayde’s decision to take Giovanni, the pink elephant, to Italy and leave Clark and Lewis at home.

“What’s he got that we do not?” asked Lewis. “An Italian name, Giovanni Elefante? Seriously, Clark, we could be Carlo Rana and Luigi Anatra. We are as Italian as that elephant! Probably more so! Who ever heard of an elephant coming from Italy? They have zero elephants and lots of frogs and ducks!”

“But they eat frogs and ducks,” said Clark.

So after bothering Beeba and Zayde all day long on the trip to St. George, Clark and Lewis came to them with an ultimatum.

“Beeba,” said Lewis, ” if we can get our passports in time, please let us accompany you to Italy next month. My mother, Maria Anatra, would be so happy if we could go.”

“Si,” said Clark, “and my father, Signor Rana, would be hopping for joy! Just call us Carlo and Luigi in your stories.”

“Well,” Beeba said, ” You’ve given us a lot to think about. We will let you know when we’ve decided.”

Who knows what Beeba and Zayde will decide?

Luigi and Carlo in an earnest discussion

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