October 1-9, 2011 Jonathan visits in Utah

The big excitement last week was that Jonathan flew to St. George to spend the week with us. St. George has recently built a new airport and is trying to attract more visitors. Jon got a great price on his ticket which made flying preferable over driving.

Jon arrives at the new St. George airport and gives Clark and Lewis a ride

Since Jon was able to get to St. George by lunchtime, we had some lunch at the Mongolian Barbecue and then went in search of golf clubs for him to keep in St. George. This errand was dispatched quickly with some awesome used clubs bought at a real discount. Then it was home for a favorite activity – cooking.
John cooks shrimp for tacos

Shrimp and beef tacos, yum!

And then the weather deteriorated. By Monday it was alternatively pouring rain, windy, cold or hailing. Sometimes all three. Who would have thought that the first week in October would have such horrible weather? It is usually a beautiful time. The Huntsman World Senior Games are held the first week of October in St. George because you can usually count on the weather being great. Not this year. But Jonathan stayed in good spirits.
Jon goofs around with Lewis

When ever there was a clear moment we tried to squeeze some activity in.
Jon on the tennis court

Jon and John played some golf but the conditions were pretty poor. They rushed through rounds to avoid thunderstorms and even got caught in a hail storm.
Jon at Sand Hollow

We had a couple of quite good meals at the club here. There’s a new chef and it looks like an improvement is underway.
Mom and Jon before dinner at the club

All in all it was a pretty fun week regardless of the weather. Many thanks to Ryan, Nathan and Sam who wanted Jon to come and spend this week with us. Our last evening was spent in Las Vegas but that deserves a separate post.

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