October 24, 2011 Erev Italy trip

I’m ready but I’m not ready. Usually by this time I have studied all the routes, looked for the restaurants and know every sight there is to be seen. That was supposed to be my task for this past week. Sure, we have a broad outline of what we want to do and the hotels are all in place. But the minutiae, which is my balliwick, was supposed to get done in the past seven days. But I got sick. In fact, even today I am still dragging from a flu-like cold that has left me sapped of energy. So I think we are going to have to wing it a bit.

And maybe I’ve bitten off a little more than I can chew. I have this blog to write. I have Clark and Lewis’s blog to write. And I have my food blog to write. That’s a lot of writing. Depending on how fast the internet uploads are, it may take a really long time. I envision eating a late lunch, maybe around 3 PM, and then scurrying back to the room to crouch over my computer, typing away as the Mediterranean light fades.

We are really looking forward to visiting Puglia. It’s been on our list of places to see for a while now. Also, going back to Sicily is thrilling. When you’ve been conquered as often as Sicily has, the result is a fabulous conglomeration – architecturally, culturally and gastronomically.

So hopefully I will recover the rest of the way tomorrow as I sit on the airplane. Maybe there will be naps! John and I are notorious for not sleeping at all on these long flights. And I will bound off the plane in Rome ready for adventure!

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