December 24, 2011 Pilat Eve

Somehow Pilat Eve has become a holiday in our house. It may consist of a Hanukkah celebration, present opening by some members of the family, and singing. It always means great hors d’oeuvres and drinks. This is a pictorial posting of this year’s Pilat Eve.

Sarah makes her fabulous snickerdoodle cookies for Pilat Eve

Nathan watches Zayde light the Hanukkah candles

Sam opens his Duplo Hanukkah present

John prepares latkes

And now it’s on to the Christmas section of Pilat Eve!

Nathan poses by the Christmas tree

Nathan and Sam are eager for Auntie Sarah to open her present

Nathan opens his Cars lego set

Hurry up and open my present, Zayde!
Aunt Peggy and Uncle Ted have sent Sam a counting toy that he loves

Sam rocks at his Sesame Street piano

Rose, John, and Leigh sing with Nathan

Nathan and Sam play cooperatively with Nathan's nanobot habitat

Happy Pilat Eve to all!

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