December 25, 2011 Christmas morning and decorations in Pleasanton

Since Nathan and Sam are at an age to appreciate Christmas decorations, I decided to put all my Santas out this year. There must be 150 at least. Jonathan was afraid that they would break something but everything came through unscathed. I explained that the Santas were decorations to be looked at but not handled roughly. There were no problems at all.

Sarah stayed over on Pilat Eve and we opened our presents by the tree in the morning. We also had the traditional bagel and lox.

Christmas tree and gifts
Our traditional Christmas breakfast

We decided to put clues on the gifts this year again. It is always enjoyable and stretches out the present opening. I use gift bags for wrapping. I can use them year after year. It is fun to see the old clues and try to guess the presents of Christmas past.

Let the guessing begin!

And now some Santas…..

John likes to call these job-oriented Santas the "working group" (a la the Westminster Kennel Club dog show)

It’s a little disturbing that my two policemen Santas have guns.

The sporting group

Upper deck, the tableau Lower deck, traditional Santas

The tableau is usually on the dining room table but since we needed the table for our Pilat Eve munchies they were moved to a smaller venue. The tableau starts with Santa getting requests and making toys. Then he gets in his sled and goes down the chimney and through the fireplace. After delivering his toys he has a well deserved rest. The final Santa has a mug that says Good Job! and he is holding a newspaper with the headline, “Santa Delivers Again!”

Motorcycle Santas

Family room decorations
Kitchen Santas

I am always on the lookout for more food oriented Santas. It is always enjoyable to have the Santas watching while I am at the sink.

I’ve obviously left out a lot – Santas with animals or children, international Santas, wino Santa and the whole of Santas’ Band or Santas with instruments. Santas’ Band is another area that I am always trying to find new members for. The Band currently consists of Santas playing the piano, the bass drum, the bagpipes, a double bass, the sax, an accordian, an electric guitar, an acoustical guitar and a violin. It’s an odd mix.

Later on Christmas Day, John, Sarah and I have Christmas dinner at Ryan and Jon’s. But that’s another post.

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