January 14-21, 2012 Sarah visits us in Marco Island

Sarah is coming to visit! She found some reasonable air fares and has decided to take a week’s vacation in Marco Island. We are very excited. She wants to learn to play tennis and there will be a big family gathering while she is here.

Sarah and I are happy to be together

Every day while she is here we go out to the tennis courts. She is doing really well. Hopefully we can have a whole family doubles game when we get back.

Over the weekend, my sister, Phyllis, and her son, Mike, and his girlfriend, Becca, come down to Marco. It’s the best excuse for a party. Peggy gets some ribs from Porky’s and we make salads. Ted’s sister, Nancy, and her husband, Jesus, join the festivities.

Clockwise from the front left, Phyllis, Jesus, Ted, Peg, Mike, Becca, Sarah (hidden by John) and John

Clockwise from the upper left, Becca, Sarah, John, Phyllis, and Jesus

Manny, Moe and Jack

Group shot

The next morning before Phyllis, Mike and Becca leave to go back to Tampa, we host breakfast. Of course everyone wants to have their picture taken with Clark and Lewis.

Mike and Becca with Clark and Lewis

Phyllis with Clark and Lewis

Even Sarah with Clark and Lewis

Sarah is really pleased to see her Aunt Phyllis and cousin Mike. It had been a long time between visits.

The night before Sarah leaves, Nancy and Jesus host a tapas party. Jesus is from Spain and the food is authentic and delicious. They have a condo right on the beach and the sunsets are spectacular.

Sarah making tapas selections

What a spread!

Sunset in Marco Island

It has been a great visit. We are sad to see Sarah leave.

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