January 8, 2012 Moving into Colonial Drive, Marco Island

NOTE: In an effort to get caught up, I inserted some of Clark and Lewis’s entries into Today’s Worry. However, now I am behind on both blogs and will have to come up with some new entries. New Year’s Resolution – KEEP UP WITH YOUR BLOGS!!!!

We have spent the past ten days at Peg and Ted’s house here in Marco Island. They are great hosts. But they need some privacy and we have rented a house until the end of January. Then we will be freeloaders again for the last seventeen days. Although we cannot ever repay them for their hospitality, the first thing we do is have them over to dinner.

Peg and Ted come for dinner on Colonial Drive

The house is pretty swanky for a rental house. There are three bedrooms, a great room, kitchen, dining area, sitting area, and an empty room which we have repurposed as the tennis room. It’s where we put our tennis bags and shoes. Except for being on the other side of town from Peg and Ted and the YMCA, it is pretty perfect.

John in the kitchen

Clark and Lewis in the sitting area (better known as place to put sneakers on)

Here’s the part of the property that John really likes. There is an enclosed lanai with a swimming pool. It’s nice because it’s very private. (Bathing suits optional!) Nice to jump in after coming back from playing tennis.

John in the pool

My favorite picture of John in the pool

I think we will be very happy here.

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