May 2, 2012 Munich

We start off the day with a trip to the Alte Pinakothek. This museum has a collection of art from the 14th to the 18th centuries. Sarah goes her separate way and we all decide to meet again in two hours. Audio guides are provided and although the audio selections are fairly limited, we enjoy a wide variety of art. Such as…

Albrecht Durer's "Self-portrait with Fur Trimmed Robe" Is he portraying the artist as savior?

Raphael's Holy Family

A very oldie but goodie, Saint Barbara

After lunch at the cafe, we decide to continue for another two hours. Whew, am I worn out. My back hurts and my feet are beginning to protest. Now if we were in the U.S. we would go out to the parking garage and hop in our car and drive home. Here, though, we still have to walk several blocks and take the U-bahn followed by the S-bahn and then walk to our hotel. We decide to have a little chilling out time when we get back and meet later.

Tonight we continue increasing our physical stamina. First we walk to the Munich Hofbrau. Then we do a little aerobic exercise.

Bavarian band at the Hofbrau

This is followed by some weight lifting.

The silver and bronze medals in weight-lifting go to Sarah and Mary

John wins the gold!

Now we are hungry from all this energy expenditure. A little traditional food should take care of that!

Wiener schnitzel

Ox cheek, potato and root vegetable pancake and gravy

We are sitting at a communal table and John makes a new friend, Harald from Pforzheim!

Harald und John

Finally I need the perfect picture of Sarah at the Hofbrau. What an enjoyable evening we had!

Good, but you're using two hands to lift your stein!

Better, but your're elbow is still on the table


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