May 3, 2012 Munich

Not much time for writing this morning as we need to get on the road. I will have to stick the pictures in later. The upload speed here is glacial.

All the sightseeing with various purses, cameras and audio tours hanging off my neck has taken its toll so I am hurting today and had a bad night’s sleep. I cannot do another museum today. We opt for walking around Munich and visiting various churches. Sarah has become the expert on identifying saints. I think I will give her the job of updating our saint list with a more modern approach than a piece of paper.

First church, St. Michael’s. This church built between 1583 and 1597 is the largest Renaissance church north of the Alps. Mostly all these churches are decorated in a Baroque or Roccoco style. Most of them received significant damage during World War II and needed to be refurbished with new plastering, windows and paintings.

St. Michael's Church, Munich

Next we visit a Convent Church.

Convent Church, Munich

And finally we go to the Asam Church which is quite small and jam-packed with decoration. It was originally built as a private church for the Asam brothers between 1733 and 1746.

Asam Church, Munich

Back out onto Marienplatz, we look at the stalls selling spargel. The Germans seem to really enjoy white asparagus.


Time out to look at the clock on the city hall. The glockenspiel plays and the figures move around.

Marienplatz Glockenspiel

Sarah would like to go back to Schneider’s. She feels I didn’t get the right beer last time. My pants are getting tight. I order a vegetarian platter which is quite good.

My attempt at healthier eating

John eats a formidable looking plate of innards.
Yum! Innards with a giant matzoh ball thing

Sarah has the sausage bonanza.

The rest of the day is spent quietly. I am aching and take some ibuprofen and go to sleep. John works on his notes. Sarah goes out and buys nail polish. Italian for dinner and we call it a night fairly early. Tomorrow we visit and stay with our friends in Althengstett (the old hanging place.)

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