May 4, 2012 Ulm and Althengstett

This morning we arise early and get on the road. Our plan is to drive to Ulm, visit the Ulm Minster, have lunch, and then go the rest of the way to Althengstett to visit our friends, arriving there at 2:30.

The giant Ulm Minster is the tallest church in the world. It was begun in 1377 (so it was a Catholic Cathedral then.) Ulm converted to Protestantism in 1531 and the church became a minster. It was finally completed in 1890. The soaring Gothic interior is pretty fabulous.

Ulm Minster, the world's tallest church

Ulm Minster interior

Due to a slow lunch, we are behind schedule! We would have made it to Althengstett just a little late if it had not been for a monumental traffic jam outside Stuttgart. I am, of course, worried that our friends will be concerned that we have gotten lost or have had a mishap. We arrive an hour late.

Althengstett which translates as the old hanging place, is a picturesque village about 45 minutes outside of Stuttgart. The view out of Maryam and Waldemar’s dining room window shows red tile rooftops and green and gold fields.

View in Althengstett

Maryam and Waldemar always make us feel so welcome. We sit in the garden and have tea and cake while we wait for Waldemar to arrive home from Munich.

Sarah, Mary and Maryam

John and Sarah in the garden

Maryam cooks a delicious dinner and we sit at the table for hours discussing local and world events. Hearing a different perspective on various topics is always interesting. We are sorry that our visit is so whirlwind. We must leave in the morning by 10 in order to meet Sarah’s friend, Mark, who is flying in from Amsterdam.

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