May 5, 2012 Althengstett and Frankfurt

It is the penultimate day of our vacation and we have a lot to do. We wake up in Althengstett to a wonderful breakfast that Maryam has prepared. In addition to what is on the table there is also bacon, eggs and mushrooms. Maryam always gets the pretzel rolls that she knows I love.

Breakfast at Maryam and Waldemar's

Our visit is way too short. John and Waldemar probably could have discussed technology issues for the rest of the day. We try to get a promise that they will come to the U.S. for a visit. We certainly would love to reciprocate all the hospitality that they have shown us.

John and Waldemar

We arrive at the Frankfurt airport hotel and find Mark waiting for us. It is so good to see him. Since he left for a job in Amsterdam last June, he has been sorely missed.

Sarah and Mark

Sarah and Mark leave for the afternoon to visit various places in Frankfurt. John and I putter around getting everything in order for the trip home. Later we all meet for dinner. Once again I try to choose something reasonable to eat.

White dinner on a white plate

In the morning Mark walks us to security and we all hug goodbye. It is a little sad.

Now only 11 hours and we’ll be home!

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