June 11 & 12, 2012 Jon, Nathan and Sam visiting in St. George

John and I made our way to St. George last week arriving on Monday, June 5.

I spent the first week lolling about...

and admiring my sparkly toes...

while John did the majority of the cooking. Plus we played tennis almost every day.

On Monday, June 11 we drove to the airport in Las Vegas and picked up Jonathan, Nathan and Sam.

It took most of the rest of the day to have a late lunch and make our way back to St. George. The boys were super good and even slept all night with no trouble. On Tuesday, John, Jon and I alternated playing tennis and watching the boys as they played in the sand at the volleyball court. In the afternoon we went for a swim at the club.

The dinner excitement was the launching of the radio controlled power boat.

First John showed the boys how it worked.

Then he handed the controls over to Nathan.

Sam was an enthusiastic audience.

Our only mishap was John getting the boat stuck over by one of the waterfalls.

After a very busy day, Jonathan read Nathan and Sam a story and it was time for bed.

Tired out boys have a little quiet time with Daddy.

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