July 18 – August 19, 2012 How I spent my summer vacation

After our anniversary celebration in Las Vegas, we make our way to St. George. We will spend the next many weeks babysitting the remodel of our entertainment center. As you can see from the pictures, the house was built with a cabinet for a 20th century television. We plan on making this wall accept 21st century media. And there are other changes afoot as well.

The flat screen TV will go into a recess over the fireplace so first the workers cut a hole to see what was behind the wall. We had to have room for the recess and the flue.

After finding enough space for the recess, they enlarged the hole.

Next the framers and drywall guys created the recess.

We also decided to get rid of the carpet in the great room. Matching slate will look so much better.

The carpet is gone and we are awaiting the slate.

Although the new slate is a little more textured, the color match is great. The floor took up a lot of time.

We also had a decorative element made from the slate put in over the fireplace.

The wall is ready for plastering but the plaster people want to wait until the floor is done.

The floor needs to be grouted and sealed.

Hurrah! The floor is done and life is getting back to normal. I think the floor looks beautiful.

The plastering is pretty time-consuming too.

Once the plastering is done a new bookcase with glass shelves is installed where the old TV cabinet was.

The cabinet is in and now all that is left is for the media guy to put in the new TV.

At this point we go back to California. John has to spend some time in the office and we have really been in Utah a long time. It is very hot. We are getting up very early so we can play tennis at 6:30 AM when it is only 80 degrees.

On September 1st we make a return trip to see our project complete.


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