August 26, 2012 Lunch with Eileen and Jim

Eileen and Jim are in town for the birth of their first grandchild. The baby is due but apparently has slipped the schedule. We decide to meet for lunch at Blue Line Pizza in Burlingame. Jon and family and Sarah want to attend as well. They have very fond memories of all the parents from Maria Lane. We are sorry that the Kendall women cannot be there but certainly understand the circumstances.

Jonathan comments to me that Dad and Jim are such a pair. He foresees many strange conversations when we meet the Kendalls in Hawaii at the end of September.

John and Jim converse.

I think Eileen and I will be having some partytime in Hawaii.

Mary and Eileen ready for some fun

It is really nice that Jon, Ryan, Nathan and Sam have come. Nathan and I do some collaborative drawing and everyone enjoys the pizza.

Jonathan at Blue Line Pizza

Ryan with Nathan and Sam

It is, of course, always a pleasure to have Sarah as company.

Sarah and Dad look-alikes

Ali and Van’s baby arrived aproposly on Labor Day. He is named Eli and is quite beautiful.

Welcome, Eli!

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