September 1-9, 2012 Jonathan visits in St. George

Jonathan has come to St. George many times. It makes us so happy that he loves it as much as we do. But all the other times it just didn’t work out that we could take the route through Yosemite National Park. The road closes early for winter and doesn’t open again until late spring. This time, though, it was just the right conditions for a trip through Yosemite.

Jon arrives before 7 AM and we are on the road quickly. I entertain the guys with fun road facts. At Olmstead Point we get out for some picture taking. You can see the famous Half-Dome from the point.

Look at how tall I am in this picture! John was standing very downhill of me. Half-dome is in the background.

Jonathan and Mom with Half-Dome in the background


It’s a long trip to St. George going this way because you cannot drive freeway speeds. We stop now and then to stretch our legs and change drivers. We pass Mono Lake and take a ride down roller coaster road which is a very dippy section CA 120. After a stop in Tonopah for lunch we continue on. We have another change of drivers at Rachel, NV.

Jon at the Little A le inn in Rachel, NV

Mighty Jon lifts the spacecraft

We arrive in St. George around 7 PM MDT. Everyone agrees it was a fine roadtrip.

Jon, John and I spend the week playing a lot of tennis and Jonathan also manages to squeeze in three rounds of golf. We make a trip over to Springdale for lunch at Oscar’s and shopping at Worthington Gallery.

Jon and Mom at Oscar’s

Oscar’s has a pretty fine view

We also eat at the Club where the food continues to be “not bad.” The view from the porch is pretty nice there too.

John and Jon on the porch at Entrada

A view of the Paradise Cliffs

Too soon our week is over. An exciting part of our trip home is a stop in Las Vegas for dinner and an overnight. We take Jonathan to MOzen Bistro which turns out to be not as great as last time. We do enjoy snacks and drinks at the Mandarin Oriental Bar though.

Jonathan at the Mandarin Oriental bar

Jon and John in Las Vegas

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