September 25, 2012 – Kona, day 2

This morning John and I go over to the tennis courts here and play for about an hour. We are not used to playing in such high humidity and the sun is pretty blazing even at 8 AM. But we carry on as best as we can and then jump in the pool that is adjacent to the courts.

John by the pool with tennis courts in the background

Today seems a wild and wooly day in the Pacific Ocean. As we sit on the deck eating lunch the waves are really crashing into the rocks below. We settle on a plan to visit the Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park in the afternoon.

Crashing waves

The Pu’uhonua o Honaunau Historical Park preserves different aspects of traditional Hawaiian life. It is on Honaunau Bay which is sheltered and has available water nearby. Along with it being the setting for a royal residence it was considered a place of refuge for defeated warriors, non-combatants in time of war and those who had violated the sacred laws. We do the walking tour.

Clark and Lewis check out the brochure

We see traditional Hawaiian buildings.

John, Eileen and Jim in a traditional Hawaiian building

We take pictures of each other.
John looking out towards the ocean (not a traditional building in the background)

Mary and Lewis next to a palm tree

We see some of their totem called ki’i.

John by a ki’i

Mary and wooden friends

There is an area where sea turtles come up to rest or sleep. We are lucky enough to see one.

Sleeping sea turtle

Before you know it, cocktail time arrives and we settle down to crackers, cheese, chips, salsa and hummus. What better to wash this down than Earl Gilmore Memorial Margaritas.


Dinner tonight is fish tacos! We set up a buffet line and eat outside watching the sun go down.

Eileen and Jim fixing fish tacos

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