It seems that one of the polls just came out where they rate the government’s performance. According to this CBS News poll, President Bush’s approval rating has fallen to an all time low. Among the people polled, it seems that the sale of port operation to the UAE made a lot of people unhappy including many Republican party members. In fact, at a recent governor’s meeting many Republican governors expressed uneasiness at the thought of elections nine months away.

Another item polled was the reaction to Vice President Cheney’s hunting accident. As I mentioned a few blogs ago, people, just get over it! And it looks as though people have. Most people are willing to admit that accidents happen. Vice President Cheney continues to have a negative approval rating but it’s only a little more negative than before he shot his friend.

The thing that really amazed me in this poll was people’s reactions to the war in Iraq. It’s no surprise that 62 percent of Americans said they think U.S. efforts to bring stability and order to Iraq were going badly. After all, we are treated daily to a barrage of information about insurgents, religious mayhem, and death. So the really amazing information in the poll is that 36 percent said things were going well in Iraq – not just tough but hopeful, not so so, but well!

Who are these people and where did they buy their rose colored glasses?

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