Christmas Day, 2009

Sam and Ryan

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Ah, Christmas morning, a time to open presents and eat bagels and lox with cream cheese, capers and onions. Seriously, at our house if you told us that there was a new holiday invented tomorrow we’d find some food that would fit perfectly for the occasion.

Sarah stayed over so we opened presents and ate bagels in a leisurely fashion in the morning. In the afternoon, we headed over to Jon’s for Christmas dinner. Nathan and Sam were both revved for Christmas. Really Nathan more than Sam who was just overwhelmed with the number of people who wanted to pick him up. (He’s so adorable.) Nathan couldn’t decide what to play first or what sweet delicacy to eat first. He was in kid heaven.

Jonathan made braciole with pasta and sauce with a side of Sarah green beans. Ryan and her mom had made pumpkin and cranberry-walnut pies. There were hors d’oeuvres. And wine. It was all good.

What a merry Christmas we had.

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