Christmas Eve

Raggedy Ann and Santa

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On Christmas Eve Sarah came over and made a million cookies. Well, perhaps I exaggerate, there might have been only 100,000. Every surface of the kitchen was covered with some kind of cookie. It was surprisingly orderly but still a lot of cookies.

Jon came over as well to play tennis with John. After tennis playing they all dug into the bags of leftovers from Pilat Eve. Then somehow I managed to find some tiny corner of the kitchen to make a lasagna. When Jonathan was ten or so and Sarah was seven or eight, I gave up on trying to fix something fancy for Christmas dinner. I said, “what would you like to eat on Christmas?” And they shouted back, “lasagna!” So a tradition was born.

Jon stayed around for some lasagna. Sarah finally finished her cookies. John and I fell asleep on the couch. And Raggedy Ann continued to grope Santa at the piano. Happy Christmas Eve!

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