July 10, 2011 X-Country trip – departure day minus one

Why is it that the task always expands to fill the time you have to do it? We actually thought about leaving today but then decided it would be easier if we left on Monday. And here it is 10:30 at night and we are still not quite ready.

Oh, the important things have been done – we’ve read stories and hugged Nathan and Sam goodbye.

I think by the time we get back Nathan will be as tall as I am!
Zayde and Sam

We’ve all gotten together as a family and looked at Ryan and Jon’s vacation pictures.

The family together for vacation picture viewing.

I’ve made sure that Ryan and Jon and Sarah know that we will miss them lots and that we hope they will send us emails to keep us up to date.

Ryan and Jon

We are hoping that Nathan will follow along on a map of our trip. My idea is to have him put stars on a big map of the United States as we reach each place I’ve marked on the map. I’ll send him letters daily to let him know where we are.

A map of our trip

To make things more interesting for Nathan and Sam, we are bringing along Clark and Lewis, a frog and a duck. They will experience our adventures and relate them to the kids in my letters. Ryan, Jon and Auntie Leigh have a tradition of taking pictures with various stuffed animals on their travels.

"Lewis, get out of my suitcase!" shouted Clark, indignantly.

So obviously we are going to need a lot of computing power to keep up with all the letter writing, picture posting and blog entries. So laptops, iPads, netbook and smart phone and all their accessories must be packed. Of course, here I sit writing my blog instead of taking care of all the last minute details.

Oh, no, forgot the netbook! And here it is right next to the master list.

Tomorrow morning, off into the great unknown. Monday’s blog from Tonopah, NV.

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